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Homemade Soup of the Day (V) * Served with Farmhouse Baked Bread

Cawl Cartref y Dydd, gyda Bara Ffres


Homemade Daily Quiche (V) Served with Deli Salad, Coleslaw and Homemade Chutney

Quiche Cartref y Dydd, gyda Salad Deli, Colslo a Phicl Cartref


Homemade Coconut Coated Thai Fishcake with Spiced Onion Puree and Mango and Lime Dressing. Served with Dressed Salad

Teisen Bysgod mewn briwson Coconut, gweinir gyda puree nionyn sbeislyd, dresin Leim a Mango a salad bach.


Prawn and Chorizo Jambalaya with Roasted Peppers, Spring Onions, Coriander and Chilli. Served with Fresh Bread

Jambalaya Corgimwch a Chorizo gyda pubur wedi ei rhostio, cennin syfi, corianader a tsili. Gweinir gyda bara ffres.


Warm Beetroot, Butternut Squash and Pine Nut Salad with Goat’s Cheese and Walnut Bonbons and a Honey and Balsamic Dressing

Salad Cynnes Caws Gafr, Betys a sgwash. Gweinir gyda bonbons cneuen ffrengig, a dresin mel a balsamig.


Wrap of the Day - Please ask a member of Staff Served with Salad and Coleslaw £8.95

Wrap y Dydd - Holwch aelod o Staff Gyda Salad a Cholslo


Deli Bowl Salad £4.95 (Add Chicken or Smoked Salmon for £3.25)

Bowlen o Salad Deli (Ychwanegwch Cyw Iar neu Eog Abertawe wedi ei Fygu am £3.25)

The Ultimate Welsh Burger Topped with local Smoked Bacon and Welsh Dragon Cheese served in a Brioche Bun and Salad

Byrgyr Cymraeg Go Iawn! Llenwir gyda Bacwn Lleol a Chaws Cymraeg y Ddraig, Gweinir mewn Bara Brioche a Salad


Chef’s Huge Homemade Scotch Egg Served with Homemade Piccalilli and a Selection of Deli Salad

Wy Sgotch Cartref Gweinir gyda Piccalilli Cartref a Salad Deli Ffres


Open Steak Sandwich * Served on Sourdough Bread with Caramelised Onion, Crumbled Blue Cheese and a Balsamic Glaze. Served with Dressed Leaves and Skinny Fries £13.95 Brechdan Stecen Agored gyda Winwns coch wedi’i Carameleiddio a Chaws Glas Man, Salad a Sglods Tenau

Sage Scented Scones, Crispy Parma Ham, Cranberry and Perl Wen Cheese served with a Rocket, Parmesan, and Cherry Tomato Salad with a Balsamic Glaze (V)

Sgons sej cartref gyda Parma Ham, Llugaeronnen, a chaws Perl Wen. Gweinir gyda salad rocet, parmaesan, tomato a balsamig.


Chicken Club sandwich: Warm Smoked Chicken Club Sandwich served with Dressed Salad and Coleslaw £8.95 (add Fries of your choice for £2.00)

Brechdan cynnes Cyw Iar wedi ei fygu gweinir gyda Salad a Colslo (ychwanegwch unrhyw sglods am £2.00)


Spiced Beetroot, Chick Pea and Lentil Burger with Grilled Halloumi Cheese, Chilli Jam and Served with Sweet Potato Fries (V)

Byrgyr llysieuol betys sbeislyd, ffacbys, a lentil. Gweinir gyda halloumi, jam tsili a sglods tatws melys.


Sides/Ar y Ochr

Sweet Potato Fries / Sglodion Tatws Melys £3.65 Homemade Triple Cooked Chips with Bloody Mary Mayo/ Sglods Cartref gyda Mayo Mari Goch £3.50 Homemade Bread with Tomato Oil/Bara Cartref a Olew Tomato £2.95 Homemade Coleslaw/Colslo Cartref £1.95

*Gluten Free Option Available Allergen Information Available V - Vegetarian